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differences between YPT410 and PSR-E413?

PostPosted: Mon Oct 12, 2009 7:22 pm
by sambledsoe
I'm ready to upgrade my ancient PSR410 and am looking at these two models, but I can see no differences between them aside from the arrangement of controls on the front panel and, possibly, the speakers. There are some price differences, however, from various secondary sources. Can anyone apprise me of any significant differences in these two models?? In general, what is the rationale behind the prefixes on the various Yamaha electronic keyboard devices?

Re: differences between YPT410 and PSR-E413?

PostPosted: Fri Oct 16, 2009 6:04 am
by Admin
From what I've seen the differences between the YPT410 and PSR-E413 is where they're sold. You'll typically see the PSR models at locations such as Guitar Center, Sam Ash and other "music only" stores. The YPT's are usually found in stores such as Walmart, Costco, etc...

Aside from that, the two keyboards are exactly the same. Hope that helps you.