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Connecting a YPG-535 to an amplifier....

PostPosted: Tue Jun 28, 2011 5:11 pm
by McQ
I just acquired a YPG-535 and would like to connect it to an amplifier setup.

The User Manual does not really provide any insight into this endeavor. So, I've made the following assumptions and I'm hoping that if I am in error..., someone more knowledgeable will point out the error of my ways....

I'm assuming..., that the Phones/Output jack is stereo and that you can run a Y-cable splitter from the jack to your stereo/2-channel amp (or, possibly the left channel for mono). Hopefully, this is true?!!

If anyone has set up their 535 like this..., have you used any external effects in the path?

As an afterthought..., I'm surprised that there is no input for a volume pedal. Although..., this is the first "Piano" I've owned and my past experience is with synthesizers. With an amplifier setup..., does anyone run the outputs through a stereo volume pedal? I'm thinking less in terms of "piano playing" vs. "synth playing" with regards to being able to increase volume while playing!

I guess these are the only questions I have at the moment....