CLP 930 & CLP 230

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CLP 930 & CLP 230

Postby Ravenbajan » Sat Nov 20, 2010 10:21 pm

Hi there,
I have a time sensitive question that I hope somebody can help me out with. I am currently debating purchasing a previously owned Clavinova for my 8 yr old child, and myself who are taking piano lessons. I've only been taking them for a couple of years and my child is new at it. Right now I'm looking at two options and cannot decide which is the better choice as it feels like I'm comparing apples to oranges. I would love to hear the opinion of somebody else who is more familiar with the Clavinovas.

Option #1 is a CLP 930. The current owner bought it in 2001, played it for the first couple years and then lost interest. It is in near mint condition. The owner says it's been rarely played.

Option #2 is a CLP 230. This one is only 3 years old and has 2 years left on the warrenty. It is in very good condition but has been being used for piano lessons in a music school.

Both sellers want $1400 Canadian for them. However I think I can get Option #1 down to $1100 at least.

Which would be the better one to go with...... the older model that has been rarely played and looks like brand new, or the newer model that is still very good but has more wear and tear on it? Any thoughts would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks.
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