Used CVP 309 or new CVP 501?

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Used CVP 309 or new CVP 501?

Postby dchermes » Thu Dec 30, 2010 3:20 pm

An odd reach I know, but I'd appreciate hearing anyone's input. There's a used CVP 309 available near me for 3500 USD, and I think the new 501's go for about 4000 in our neighborhood. Also being considered is the latest top of the line Arius. I'm a very rusty classically trained player, who has spent the decades since diddling with rock and roll and showtunes (theater actor/director). I'm a bit of a computer and gadget geek, I have a 12 year old musically gifted but discipline-challenged boy who plays clarinet and a little piano, but mostly video games, and a bright 5 year old girl with a great ear, who we'd like to start on a keyboard in a year or so. Thanks in advance for anyone's opinion.
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