Should I purchase a CVP 505 or 509?

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Should I purchase a CVP 505 or 509?

Postby JoanneBuddy » Sat Dec 11, 2010 11:20 am

I have seen the specs. of both, don't understand some of it but hope someone can enlighten me! I am a folk musician (guitar/vocals) mostly, and tinker around on the piano. I am not a piano player.

I like the CVP's because of their creative potential and recording capabilities. I wish to use it to create music; including recording my guitar, my voice, my own vocal harmonies and those from the clavinova. I do not need all the voices that the 509 offers, but I do want an exceptional sound, good recording and easy recording and mixing. Have not been able to play the 509 yet, but have seen the 505 and am impressed.

Any insight would be most helpful to me. Thank you, Joanne
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