CLP 200?

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CLP 200?

Postby newb » Sat Nov 06, 2010 4:03 pm

I recently rescued a yamaha keyboard from the garbage. I had it repaired and it sounds great, but I'm not sure which model is actually is because the sticker on the back with the model number is torn. On the top of the keyboard, by the keys, it says that it's a "yamaha clavinova clp-200" but I think clp-200 is a series of keyboards that came out with many different models. It looks pretty old and only has 3 sounds to choose from; piano 1 & 2, and harpsichord. There is also a button for 'sterio symphonic' and one for 'transporter/midi'. It has 76 keys. It's 120V 60W 50Hz. Anybody know the model?
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